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has his own website company and lives in the USA.

Vasant has been teaching since 1978. He has been involved in everything from multi media training to giving the first ever workshops in fine art photography in India. Vasant Nayak is the overseas representative of the CENTER for Photography as an Art Form (CPA) in Bombay, India. The CPA is the only institution in South Asia, which concerns itself with the self-expressive aspects of the photographic medium. He has conducted 4 workshops there in the past 2 years. Vasant is also involved in curating exhibitions, locating existing shows to take to India, organizing a major seminar and workshop at the CPA, collecting images for the CPA´s permanent collection and being consultant and adviser to the CPA.

He has moderated and presented papers that deal with multi-cultural issues in photographic education at the Society for Photographic Education Conferences. He produced a book of photographs entitled "In Other Words" and published this himself in Manipal, India. He is currently researching Indian photography. Besides being in several private collections, Versant´s work is also in the Permanent Collections of the University of Baltimore and the CENTER for Photography.



Specialises in photos of set-building and still-life with special effects and models.

The Occhiomagico studio first started up in 1971. In the following eight years ´Occhiomagico´ occupied himself with expressive research through the elimination of the traditional visual codes and criteria of the photographic medium. In 1978 held first exhibition at the Diaframma Gallery, Milan. 1979 saw the birth of the Post and Neo-Modern movements in Italy. Occhiomagico took part theoretically and practically in multi-media groups, working with studio Alchimia and with architects as A Rossi, A Mendini and Ettore Sottsass Jr. In this period, Occhiomagico was commissioned to make 24 cover photographs for the magazine ´Domus´.

He organized a seminar in Venice about the contamination which photography must undergo to become "new photography". He also took on the artistic management of Italian pop group ´Matia Bazar´, where he experimented with new trends, bringing photography together with painting, music, video and fashion. From 1985 he expanded on this idea and held several exhibitions in Europe on the theme of utopical environments, using three-dimensional settings; photographs, design objects, works of art and ´three-dimensional music´. Since 1989 he has been working on the intimacy of man. Occhiomagico remarks on the human condition: " The man, alone, in front of the universe tries to conquer fear. He is assailed with anxiety every time a star falls. The man, with other men, tries to keep peace and is assailed with war".


KI HO PARK Kistone Photography

Over 10 years, the pictures taken by Ki Ho Park made living into art itself, and the public thus love him for it. Year after year, month after month, his photographs have remained signature, often an inspiration for his contemporaries.

This portfolio-represent only a small portion of the hundreds of thousands of photographs were published since his introduction in 1985. But even in brief, they signal a distinct, finest tradition.
Through his photographs, our vision of the world expanded to include people, place and ideas that everyone didn´t already know but should. He introduced us to people who ran distant social circles across east across west and in between.

From the start, Ki Ho Park has sought after the truth in life. His graduating thesis at Rhode island School of Design showed his early understanding of compassion. Whomever and wherever his subjects were, such as his early works of refugees in Thailand and that search for reunion with relatives, Ki Ho Park made sure that nowhere would those dreams come truer than in his photographs.

Ki Ho Park´s turning point came while he worked at the Magnum photo agency in New York. In New York, he saw through the eyes of Bruce Davidson, Cartier Bresson and other Magnum photographers whose work was published for audiences too accustomed to seeing the good (not enough bad). With Bruce Davidson Ki Ho Park work grew to know how to conjure insightful images for photography whatever the subject was. This experience was his finest asset.

Today Ki Ho Park shoots regularly to such demanding clients as AT&T, Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, Sam Sung and Deawoo. His compassion and sensitive eyes for visual perception has earned him reputation that clients come back year after year.

NEIL ROBINSON Leicester, England

Advertising and commercial photography

Neil has been taking photographs for half of his life now. He works in all formats and still likes the paper and film mechanics of photography. Halides are his friends. Based in the center of England but originally from the North, he likes to travel. Most of his clients are long-standing relationships so he must be doing something right, or wrong?


Taffi Rosen
TAFFI ROSEN Toronto, Canada

Passion. That, above all,characterizes the work of Canadian photographer Taffi Rosen of Red Head Studios, Toronto. Within little more than a decade she has produced an astonishingly varied body of work that attests unequivocally to her ability to photograph anyone and anything, anywhere and imbue even a seemingly mundane subject with an extraordinary appeal, urgency and vitality. Not surprisingly, her work has appeared in a number of prestigious international exhibitions and publications.

Taffi Rosen is respected world-wide as a commercial photographer, producing promotional shots and album jackets for well-known groups; fashion spreads in Canada and USA for leading fashion magazines; advertising shots for nationwide poster campaigns; and international interior design editorial layouts. Canadian House and home magazine chose her downtown loft photograph as the grand prizewinner of its National Design contest. She has also featured in many fine-art photography publications including; International, Zoom and Kodak International.

Taffi worked as a videographer for the Award Winning Network, Bravo! Television based in Toronto Canada. She traveled the world for 7 years producing and shooting stories about the arts and their creators. Recently resigned, Taffi is concentrating on photography and pitching various Television Series for Canadian and U.S. broadcasters



Dennis is eager to use new techniques. He is well known for stunning studio work and recently produced a book of stereo/3D photography. He is regularly invited to give masterclass workshops for professional photographers by Sinar Ag Schaffhausen. Co-ordinator: ´Between Ideal and Reality´ an exhibition of young Swiss photography which featured eight young talents from different fields of photography. This exhibition gives an insight in the current Swiss photo scene.


ROBERT SCHILDER 1948 - The Hague, The Netherlands

Founder - Circle 24

"We are convinced that the key to our future lies in understanding how other cultures communicate."

This credo describes the reasoning behind Robert Schilder´s creation of Circle 24, the foundation for leading photographers from all over the world.

Robert has been working as a professional studiophotographer for more than 25 years and has since that time built an impressive client list of national and international companies and advertising agencies. He has been invited to give workshops at academies from India to Holland. Presently working as an artist in Waterlandkerkje, The Netherlands, with his own company IMAGEPOINT.


"The Other Way of Seeing" -exhibition on the Indian way of visualising in photography.

"Banaras" -city of gods, heart of India.

"Trends in Photography 1990-2000" -online and ongoing project

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TETSURO TAKAI 1951 - Gifu City, Japan

Tetsuro is a photographer from Tokyo who has developed his own style for making separations in colour and has very much kept a Japanese atmosphere in his way of visualizing in photography.

First solo exhibition - Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo. Tetsuro studied at the Osaka Photographic Professional School then continued his training at two Photo Studios.

Tetsuro co-founded ´ZERO´ a circle of about 20 photographers, graphic designers and publishers who produced group shows and books together. They were all drawn together by an equal desire to contact &quota variety of questions and anxieties, delights and dreams" through photography.

Tetsuro has exhibited his work from Belgium to Bombay, gaining many notable achievements along the way. He coordinated the Circle 24 Group Exhibition "A worldwide view on photography" at the Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo in November 1994.


Finland Lahti Poster Biennial - Grand Prize

USA Clio Award

Japan Advertising Photographers Association (APA) Award

Magazine AD - Gold Prize



Fine art photography, books and exhibitions, specializes in old processes.

1963-67 Member of the group STODOLAGO,

1964-71 Awards and exhibitions in England, India, Poland,Belgium, Sweden

1982-83 Received two grants from the Ministry of Culture for the project ´Making gum-prints in a new way´

1984 Admitted to the Union of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF)

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